The Roman World:
Famous People

-Select one of the significant Romans listed below (do not choose Octavian).
-Click on your page (listed at the bottom of the page) and select the template for Roman Emperor
-Fill in the fields provided for you with relevant information
-For extra credit, you may add a picture
-At the bottom of your page, create a reference section that includes links to EVERY website you use for information and images.
-Due date: Friday 12/3

Emperor Antonius Pius
Emperor Constantine
Emperor Hadrian
Emperor Justinian
Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Emperor Nerva
Emperor Trajan
Gaius Gracchus
Gaius Marius
Marc Antony
Marcus Agrippa
Marcus Crassus
Octavian Augustus (an example of what your biography might look like)
Scipio Africanus
Tiberius Gracchus

Allison C
Justin C
Andrew D
Matt F
Tylor G
Danielle H
Joe K
Jade K
Alec M
Jakob M
Lindsey N
Hope R
Turner R
Hillary R
Heaven R
Haley S
Austin S
Clair W
Andrew W

Collin B
Cody B
Kyle E
Steven G
Sydney G
Lucas G
Ashley H
Madison K
Tanner L
Jordan M
Cody M
Shelbi M
Matt N
Lane P
Alex R
Billy R
Jordan R
Kelsie R
Tony S
Bryce S
Blake S
Haakon S
Kyron S
Brandon T
Dionna T
Brendyn V

Jasmine B
MaKayla B
Riley B
Tim C
Katelyn E
Annabeth G
Parker J
Mykaela K
Hannah L
Shaley M
Lisa M
Clark M
Logan Q
Angel R
Brittany S
Megan S
Billy S
Erica S
Mackenzie T
Rick V