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by: Allison Chasteen 2-B

Athena had only one parent, Zeus.

She is the Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, crafts, and warfare.

Athena had no children.

It was told that Athena made Medusa ugly. Medusa was one of the most beautiful women. For about a week, she would brag about how gorgeous she was. Athena came and told her that beauty is not just looks. So, as a punishment Athena made Medusa hidious. Medusa now had a slithering body, green snakes as hair, and turned anyone who looked at her to stone.

Athena has many interesting facts:
  • technically, she came out of Zeus's head and was fully grown and armored
  • she has a friend that is an owl, she has that because of wisdom and watchfulness
  • her Roman name is Minerva
  • in some stories, she is considered Athene or Athina

- my class notes