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Aleck Main A-2

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Ra or "sun"
He is a man with a hawk head, and headdress with a sun disk.He wore mainly red and walked with a cane. He also had lots of gold and green. He also had a snake on the top of sun disk. His has brown hair,also his eagle face is black and white. He walked barefoot.

Egyptians believed he would travel every night through the underworld. At night Ra had the head of a ram. They thought that he was eaten every night by the goddess Nut. He was reborn the next morning. Also, the Egyptians thought he would go on a boat and fly through the twelve provinces. Each province to them was one hour, so that represented the twelve hours of daylight. Then they thought he would die after each day. which would then become night because of his death.

I think Ra"s temple temple should be bright with colors. The structure should be made out of bamboo since it is yellow,the color of the sun. It should be colorful because he is the god of the sun. It should have a big yellow sun on the roof. He should have a skylight to see the sun. Also I think everything in the temple should have some relations to the sun. That is what Ra's temple should look like.

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