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In the First Amendment, which was ratified on December 15th, 1791, Freedom of Speech is the most important right in the Constitution. Freedom of Speech is important because it lets you do things freely about what you feel. It lets you debate against things that you feel aren’t right and it lets you have your own opinion about things. This amendment pretty much lets you do what you feel is right without getting into trouble unless it’s something bad.

Congress can’t make laws against what you say, feel, or do. They think that they can make all the laws saying what you can and can’t do. Well this is something that you can do and they can’t say anything about it. You can’t just get in trouble for saying something when it’s in your opinion.
The Government cannot take away this right from you, but this right does have limits. Like on television when some movies have bad language, they can change the words from the TV show, but they can’t take it out of a movie because the movie wouldn’t even be the same. They can take bad words out of songs that they put on the radio, but they can’t take them out of the songs on a CD.
A lot of people don’t realize that they have this right because they just say what they want without thinking. People would just say things not knowing that we have this right given to us.
People have a lot of conversations and arguments expressing their feelings, opinions, and things that they like the most and the things that they like the least.