Abbey Lambin


bedrooms (3):
The bedroom is used to sleep in. Any non-family members are not allowed. There is one bedroom for the boys, one for the girls, and one for the parents. The bedrooms are only used in the night, not during the day. This room is appropriate for this house because it shows what a craftsman can afford and what his standards are.
external image DSC_0318.JPG

guest rooms (2):
The guest bedroom is for their guests to sleep in. There are two guest bedrooms, one for the kids and one for the parents. These guest bedrooms aren't used very often. I think that this room is very appropriate for this house because it shows a little wealth with the wallpaper, and the bed spread has red and blue on it.
external image DSC_0381.JPG

laundry/dishes room (1):
The dishes and the laundry are done in here. They usual do the laundry either once or twice a week, but not very often. They do the dishes a lot more than they do the laundry. This room shows, not that much wealth, but i dont see what you need to show that much wealth in here. It is only a laundry and dishes room.

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kitchen (1):
The food is cooked and repaired in this room. The women usually cook the food, but sometimes the men cook some. Especially the meat. They usually have 2 or 3 courses. This room is important because this is where that women spend a lot of the time fixing food for their family. this room is far apart from all of the rooms in the house because this room was very warm most of the year. In the winter, they would sometimes use this room for heat, because the only other heat in the house was from the fireplace.
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dining room (1)
The meals are eaten in this room. This room is usually only eaten in. They don't do anything else in this room. This room shows that the craftsman and his family eat in here. It also shows that they dont do very much in here and that they do not have guests in here.
external image DSC_0114.JPG

pantry (1):
This pantry is used to store food. They usually store dry foods in here. This room is important for the foods that they want to keep good with a lot of other dry foods. they dont want the food to get all nasty, and in this sake, if the food does become bad, then they dont have to smell the bad food.
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parlor (1)
A parlor is used for guests to sit and gossip about the latest news around the town. This is one of the most important rooms in the house. of course all of the women and all of the men would have seperate rooms, but this is where all of the towns people talk bout the latest news that goes throughout their town.
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