The First Bull Run

Lena Karjala and Lauren Sperry

Date(s) Fought: July 21, 1861

Location: Fairfax County and Prince William County, Virginia

Outcome: Confedrate victory

Union Army Size: 28,000-35,000 people

Union Army Commander(s): Irivin McDowell

Confederate Army Size:32,000-35,000

Confederate Army Commander(s):Joseph E. Johnston and P. G. T. Braurgard

Union Casualties:2,896

Confederate Casualties:1,982

Important events: Jackson got his nickname: Stone Wall; first major battle of cival war, also called Manassas. The battle was named after a small stream named Bull Run.

Overall significance: first major battle of the civil war, "showed that the war would be long and bloody", "showed that all soldiers on both sides needed training",

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