Back Country Home

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This is a picture that is similar to the house that will be built for this Back country client.

Kitchen (1)-
The kitchen is the place that the food will be cooked in. It is also a place to keep the heat in from other rooms. The kitchen would generally be dirty and would have a fireplace for cooking the food. It is also a place where some of the kitchen utensils such as big pots will be held, but the small utensils will be held in the pantry.

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These to photos are very appropriate for my client’s soon to be built kitchen. It matches nearly perfect to what my plan is to building it which was- one main fireplace with a few pots and pans laying near the fireplace and a small table for setting things on, such as plates or bowls.

There will be two bedrooms. The two bedrooms will be places for the family to get their rest in and it is a place they can go for privacy. One bedroom will be for the parents and the other will be for children or any company they decide to have over. The room will include just a simple bed and possibly a box with clothes.

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This picture of a bedroom matches the image and design i had in mind to build for my client. It has one simple rough bed with the walls being plain, and the room being small. It is perfect for sleeping in and getting privacy and peace.

Pantry (1)-
The pantry will be next to the kitchen. It will have many shelves, hooks, and cabinets for storing things such as food or any kitchen utensils, like forks, spoons, ladles, pans, pots, etc. The pantry will also be a place to store cleaning supplies, like brooms and rags.

external image UzPYLZ7XkXhciQ0byBA9rZj4i_vwx3OpdE5Sh0B_2CNqKBHb8bZTRie53vSc3Kq62KUrXV8PF0jJKNfMrirvIgy6wOwfqmYoBqT9gXkWn01Vj0_MzA

The pantry might look a little bit different than this photo because the pantry i will build for my client will have more shelves for more storage. The shelves will be filled with food, spices, boxes of utensils, and would have brooms stuffed in the corners.

Dining Room (1)-
The dining room will be a room where the family will sit down at a table and eat their food. The dining room will be next to the kitchen for easy access of bringing food directly from the kitchen to the dining room. The dining room will also be a good place to discuss things with the family while you are eating.

external image iKj75HnZc4NHYGCb7inoPxfoH240q_yqDw3bc2Lm_HZXoAfip9t14d9tZZDhFc7PZhQix8ylY6t9toHk_oCuijx4EMB9A6Yd-b1E81zbknylzGXRuQ

This picture is perfect for the dining room I am designing. It will have one single, simple table with a few chairs set around it at meal time, and would just be a good-sized room with lots of space.

Laundry/ Dish Washing Room (1)- This room will be very small with a big bowl of water, soap, and rags. All clothes and dishes will be washed in this small space. The dish and laundry room will be somewhere near the pantry, so the dishes could easily be carried to the pantry to be put away.

external image gJkq2puqHbaQPOczQmTx-DrHdniSlXi1ESCXJm3ykl5TY3uPntPqph1bTYQoICcyqXg6IjFLTIYhd_1vrtr-IYqI9qULBMpx0ZBL2J2cVAtCgj-5og

This is a very good example of what I had in mind. There are two big bowls of water for the clothes and for the dishes to be washed. It is a simple, small room that is not cluttered, so you can get easy access to washing your clothes and dishes.

Bathroom(1)- The bathroom will be very small and simple. It will include one toilet and have a door for privacy while you are going to the restroom. The bathroom will be near the bedrooms for the client to go to the bathroom quickly and easily during the night.
external image Gkua0C1-PmLLG2c3NmiL_C8FK3voVwwYQ7RIcluD662i8g-wMUTE8gHiWrbDhG3taN9pciYKegKNbQQOG24lomdXT17CyiU_LMJN8ep1Ck2DPdj3RQ

This picture is similarly related to what i was planning on designing. It has two toilets instead of one, and is a little smaller than i plan on designing.

Extra Outside Feature

Barn (1)- The barn will be used for an extra storage place. It will also be used for any livestock the client may have. It can also be a place for harvested crops to be stored in. The barn will be all made of wood with a rough shingled roof, and an wide open inside, for storage.

external image LidqdEOgEGDlFbKlIUN2u5dysMTaUjUuF5wQS2QGRbn_B_0VKUW0L04TinkLOKN9OVdLh19-jrziSLah6yfVRIiEpI_anvcp0e_NR7qVkx4CLSRzsA

This picture is great because it has everything I am looking for. It is built from solid wooden boards with a V-shaped roof, for water run-off. It also has rough-cut wooden shingles on the roof.